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ACUMIX Features
... Simplistic/Ergonomic
Economically designed for maintenance free operation

...Make it ACUMIX

Motors - Standard NEMA C-Face motors ensure immediate replacement capability, if need be. ACUMIX's AC motors are high quality energy savings, chemical-duty with either 115/208-230 Volt single phase, or 208-230/460 Volt, 3 Phase, 60 Hertz, TEFC with a 1.15 service factor. Variable speed, 50 Hertz, Explosions proof, Dirty Duty or Severe Duty, DC, air, and odd voltage motors are available upon request.
Lifting Points - "Straddle Balance" lift points designed for safe lifting of equipment unlike hand lift designs; reduces potential for costly back injury.
Drives - High strength helical gears are cut in high alloy to AGMA's highest quality standards; providing durability & quiet operation. Precision drive shafts provide steady balanced operation. Oversized sealed bearings isolate the drive from shock loads & prevent contamination ensuring extended mixer life. A true low maintenance design.
Housings - Heavy gauge high strength aluminum castings, designed for long-life, durable duty, superior corrosion resistance, and dimensional stability.
Wetted Parts - Standard stock is 316L {low carbon} (316 hardware) stainless steel. High alloy & corrosion resistant coatings are also available.
Shafts - Centerless ground, to mixers exacting standards.
Impellers - Designed to suit your application. Numerous axial & radial flow designs are available including high-efficiency hydrofoils & props.
Lubrication - shipped with extra protection/performance {EP} grease.
Seals - Quad & Tertiary seal design protects bearings, ensures lubrication & prevents process contamination.
Protective Finish - Durable coating protects against salt spray, acids & caustic environments. Resistant to wear and abrasion ... ACUMIX RED.

MODEL AQG Swivel Mounts
Swivel mounting orientation is dependent upon tank configuration. Variable adjustments are required to achieve final orientation. Tanks with lids should consider fixed mounted designs.
Optional C-clamp mounting. Vertical side wall mount enables 90 upward angle and 360 swing.
Acumix chuck shaft attachment enables quick shaft removal without disassembly.

Optional cup-plate mounting. Horizontal support mount enables 90 upward angle and 360 swing.

This method of shaft attachment features exacting tolerances, enabling precision in alignment, reducing run out and vibrational effects which extends bearing and gear life.


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