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ACUMIX Features
... Simplistic/Ergonomic
Economically designed for rugged/durable operation

...Make it ACUMIX

Housings - Heavy gage high strength cast iron. Designed for long-life, durable duty, superior corrosion resistance, and dimensional stability.
Drywell - this is not a common gearmotor design, applied to mixer service, where a lower seal failure could results in process contamination due to oil leakage. A no-leak drywell isolates the oil bath from the output shaft, ensuring that the bearings & gears are immersed and never run dry. A large oil capacity keeps the unit cooler to enhance longevity.
Gears - High strength double helical gear reductions to AGMA's quality standards designed for high efficiency, durability and high load capability.
Flexible Motor Coupling - Eliminates potential unbalanced forces between motor & gearbox. Isolates/Reduces shock loads to motor & gearbox.
C-Face Motor Adapter - Fully registered adapter ensures fast/positive alignment. Motor gearbox interface is totally enclosed eliminating the need for OSHA type guard.
Motors - Standard NEMA C-Face motors ensure immediate replacement capability, if need be. ACUMIX's AC motors are high quality energy savings, chemical-duty with either 115/208-230 Volt single phase, or 208-230/460 Volt, 3 Phase, 60 Hertz, TEFC with a 1.15 service factor or TEFC/XP. Variable speed, international, Explosions proof, DC, air, and odd voltage motors are available upon request.
Bearings - Low-speed bearings are purgable & regreasable to achieve longer life. A high capacity lower bearing design, handling both high moment and thrust loads, isolates the impeller loads from the gearing.
Sealing - Shielded and grease purged upper seals ensures a grease barrier that traps water, dirt and abrasive contaminants away from internal components.

ACUMIX Model AQPD Agitator, Top Entering Mixer, Pedestal mount.

*Gearbox weight w/coupling, does not include motor, shaft, or impeller

Shafts - Centerless ground, to mixers exacting standards.
Impellers - Designed to suit your application. Numerous axial & radial flow designs area available including high-efficiency hydrofoils & pitched blade turbines. Impeller hubs either removable (keyed) or fixed (welded onto shaft).
Protective Finish - Durable coating protects against salt spray, acids & caustic environments. Resistant to wear and abrasion ... ACUMIX RED.

Wetted Parts - Standard stock is 316L {low carbon} (316 hardware) stainless steel. High alloy & corrosion resistant coatings are available.
Rigid Coupling Shaft Design -
This method of attachment features exacting tolerances, achieving precision in alignment. The gearbox output shaft is easy to connect/disconnect from agitator shaft. Flanged agitator coupling half is a useful feature for suspending the shaft during assembly/disassembly


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