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Heavy Duty Gear Driven Hermetically Sealed 150# ANSI Drilled Fixed Plate Mounted or Flanged Portable Mixers Model AQHG - Specifications 

Heavy Duty Gear Driven Hermetically Sealed 150# ANSI Drilled Fixed Plate Mounted MixersACUMIX Industrial Mixers manufactures heavy duty gear driven hermetically sealed fixed plate mounted gear driven portable mixers.  We also have numerous other open and closed tank (hermetically seals and pressurized} mixer design mounting options available.  Please reference our mixer specifications and pricing matrix below.  

Today's gear driven portable mixing applications demand durable process equipment accompanied by total support for your mixing needs.  We offer a complete line portable mixers.   We provide superior materials of construction throughout to give each mixer the strength & reliability that ensures the performance to the standards of each Industrial Portable Mixer design.

Heavy Duty Gear Driven Fixed Plate or Angle Riser Mounted Portable Mixers
Pricing Matrix: Heavy Duty Gear Driven Hermetically Sealed 150# ANSI Drilled Fixed Plate Mounted Mixers
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ACUMIX Mixers Model AQHG is our heavy duty gear driven top entering closed tank fixed mounted mixer design.  Model AQHG features heavy gage high strength cast aluminum housing with oversized bearings.  Our base plate is constructed of 316L {low carbon} stainless steel with a 4", 5", 6" or 8" 150# ANSI drilled designs for mounting to a suitable support structure such as a tank flange.  This base plate configuration will achieve a hermetically sealed tank environment.  The gearbox assembly features a heavy gage high strength corrosion resistant cast aluminum housing assembly.  The single helical gear reduction is 98% efficient constructed of durable high strength (4140 steel) with a minimum AGMA Service Factor that can significantly exceed 1.5 (SF > 1.5 is classified moderate shock, continuous 24 hour per day), based upon the motor nameplate rating.  Please note that our gear reduction is not made from inefficient “soft-wear” worm gearing or cheap planetary gearing.  Our design is of single purpose high reliability construction where it is not adapted modularly with dual purpose components and matched with a cheap commercially available gear-motor assembly with inherent design limitations.  The oversized bearings are designed to achieve superior L10 bearing lives ensuring long lasting mixer life. The single purpose one-piece output shaft is precision aligned with the housing, bearings, and gearing to ensure precise alignment to minimize shaft deflection Please note that non-aligning, non-concentric couplings are not used. To enable ease of installation the output shaft features either a precision quick release {hollow shaft} chuck or a flanged coupling configuration either constructed of high strength steel or 316 stainless steel.  The flanged coupling assembly feature a precise raised face rabbet fit to assure alignment.  The agitator shaft is measured from the mixers mounting base.  Numerous impeller configurations for high flow or shear capability are available from stock.  Standard motor options include: 1750 RPM's both 115/208-230 Volt, 1-phase, 60 hertz and 208-230/460 Volt, 3-Phase, 50/60 Hertz, TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) designs with commercially standard paint.  Available motor upgrades or options include:  

Food grade” high pressure wash down all stainless or with electrostatically white epoxy finish, with tropicalized class F insulation, TENV  or TEFC, and a 1.15 Service Factor  

Explosion Proof - Class I, Group D or C&D, Class II, Group F&G, T3C)  

Intrinsically safe {suitable for explosion proof environments) variable speed rotary vane or piston type air motors totally enclosed with air muffler.

AC & DC variable speed motor options.

All wetted parts will be constructed of the superior corrosion resistant 316L {Low Carbon} Stainless Steel with 316SS hardware.  Each mixers nameplate will specifically state, "Manufactured in USA" and will be built with pride and dedication.  Some application such as for food processing are available unpainted where an optional upgrade to paint the motor & gearbox with a chemical resistant paint option is available upon request.  Please note, these mixers are far from common cheap throw away designs.  After years of reliable service, these mixer are designed to be easily and reliably rebuilt and put back into service.  


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