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ACUMIX Features
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for wide ranging services.

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Motors - Standard NEMA C-Face motors ensure immediate replacement capability, if need be. ACUMIX's AC motors are high quality energy savings, chemical-duty with either 115/208-230 Volt, 3 phase, 60 Hertz, TEFC with a 1.15 service facotr or TEFC/XP. DC electric, air motors, international, and odd voltages as well as variable speed options are also available.
Lifting Points - "Straddle Balance" lift points designed for safe lifting equipment unlike hand lift designs; reduces potential for costly back injury.

MECHANICAL SEALS- Seventeen mechanical seal styles, wet or dry running, specifically designed for mixer duty; BioTECH, pharmaceutical, high pressure, sanitary, economy, CPI, etc.
- No off balance loading. Precise alignment ensuring minimal face wear and maximum performance extending mixer and seal performance.
"ERGONOMIC" - The ACUMIX design concept adapts to suit mulitple service conditions without making it "a costly engineered special". This is not a stacked design using "modular" components, or a modified design, to suit the seal you need. We do not use concepts that stack tolerances and cause additional unbalanced loads, reducing the overall seal life.
Housings - Heavy gaged high strength cast iron & aluminum castings designed for long life & durable duty. Provides superior corrosion resistance and dimensional stability.

Single Mechanical Seal

Single Mechanical Seal
with Debris Well

Double Mechanical Seal

Double Mechanical Seal
with Debris Well


ACUMIX is located in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country. Our complete line of mixers are USA manufactured with pride and dedication. Our lineage stresses precision and quality in each or our products designed with planned obsolescence. We maintain consistant and diligent levels of excellence in manufacturing, design engineering and product development, on par iwth internationally accepted standards.

Our objective is to empower our customers with a practicle knowledge of "mixers & mixing" to provide durability and longevity at a reasonable cost.

Our highly skilled and dedicated network of mixing specialist take pride in providing solutions to your mixing requirements. We have earned our reputation of producing top quality equipment.

Let's face it. There just isn't the manpower to nurture rotating equipment anymore. ACUMIX dares to be unique in understanding these needs. Our response was to come up with new product line concepts, product flexibility and unique features.

Do you really want to pay a premium for the "Assembly Line Que"? Is it really better? The name of the game is value - price in relation to features and benefits. Maybe we have a solution for your organization.


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